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E Pluribus News
If you like to sing please come and join us March 27th at Charlotte's Place to sing a new version of our National Anthem.

This anthem is not about "bombs bursting in air" but about "people free with their prayer". It's time to shift the consciousness from war to harmony among all of us.

Click on the blog to get the new words and to hear the song. Take time to learn it before March 27th.

We will be videotaping this event for YouTube.

Let us know that you are coming at info@epluribus.us
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Come sing with us:

When: March 27th 10:00AM to 12 Noon.

Where: Charlotte's Place, 109 Greenwich Street above Rector Street

Please RSVP info@epluribus.us

Click here to check out Charlotte's Place.
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National Anthem Blog
Oh, say can you see by this days brilliant light
How so joyflly weve made out of many, one dreaming?
Take broad stripes and bright stars and a unified sight
Oer the country we watch all our new neighbors beaming.
And the freedom that's here, people free with their prayer,
Give proof every year that E Pluribus we share.
Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
Oer the land of the free and diverse home weve made.

Sing along with the choir here: Password: epluribus